Last modified: June 1, 2017


This Community Policy is part of FeedLeap’s Terms and Services and should help you navigate the dos and don’ts of our platform. Broadly, we believe in self-expression and the free and open exchange of opinions, artistic thoughts and ideas. While participating, a certain level of civility and respect should be shown everyone so that we all may continue to enjoy FeedLeap for what it is.

We depend heavily upon users to let us know about content that may violate our policies. After being notified of a potential policy violation, we may review the content and take action, which may include restricting access to the content, removing the content, and limiting or terminating a user’s access to FeedLeap.

We reserve the right to enforce, or not enforce, our community guidelines in our sole discretion. These rules create no duty or contractual obligation for us to take any particular action. We occasionally modify these policies, so please check back here for any updates.


Prohibited Content & Behaviors
If you encounter content or a user that you believe violates the our policies, please report it to us flagging the content or profile. Depending on the severity of the violations, WE MAY BRING IN LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT. Prohibited content and behaviors includes:


  •     Illegal Activities (Gambling, Hacking, Defaming, etcs)
  •     Malicious and Deceptive Practices
  •     Harassment, Bullying and Threats
  •     Doxing (Publishing Personal or Confidential Information)
  •     Spamming
  •     Engagement Manipulation
  •     Sexually Explicit Material, Violence & Child Exploitation
  •     Spreading Unsubsantiated Rumors
  •     Selling Goods or Services
  •     Impersonation
  •     Abusive Name and Avatar
  •     False Flagging (Crying Wolf)
  •     Trademark or Copyright Infringement


Sharing Guidelines
Due to the nature and the intended purpose of FeedLeap, please follow and respect our sharing guidelines.

1. Please only share content that you believe everyone can appreciate. Though we understand it may be very subjective, here are some rough outlines on what we believe constitute content that everyone can appreciate. Content that have:

  •     Journalistic Value (local news, world news, business news, etcs);
  •     Artistic Value (arts, poetry, short films, photography, food, etcs);
  •     Comedic Value (memes. gags, jokes); or
  •     Entertainment Value (movies, celebrities, sports, etcs)

2. Though not forbidden, please refrain from sharing your selfies, baby pictures, wedding pictures or your food porn unless it has an interesting context or backstory behind it. Submitting selfie with motivational quotes is neither context nor a backstory.

3. Please share responsibly. You are soley reponsible for your own actions.

4. The sharing of PROMOTIONAL ADVERTISEMENT is currently prohibited. However, we do allow the sharing of promotional content which conforms to content marketing (story-telling marketing)

5. FeedLeap IS NOT A CLASSIFIED PLATFORM. Any form of classified ads submission will be deleted immediately.

6. Please try not to share contents that have already be shared on FeedLeap.

7. We reserve the right to delete any content at our sole discretion even if they meet our guidelines.

8. You release and indemnify FeedLeap from any claims and/or liability related to your submission.